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Ingrid's trip to Vermont

I had a chance to go to Burlington, Vermont in mid-October for the Women in Sustainable Agriculture Conference. It was an exciting event and I learned a lot. I also had a chance to see some sites.

This is the Lazy Lady's Cheese Cave, built into the side of a hill.
This photo is one of the small farms at the Intervale, full of fall crops -- carrots and beets.
We started off the conference by going on farm tours. I got to go to the Lazy Lady Goat Farm, which was a lot of fun to experience. This is the goat milking area.
I drove up north of Burlington and saw this beautiful tree in a state park. There was a lot of fall color all over while I was there.
After the conference I went exploring Intervale Farms and found their beautiful community gardens.
At a state park on the first day, I found this beautiful collection of leaf litter.

I saw lots of other interesting things, including the state capitol building in Montpelier and the Ben and Jerry's factory. Unfortunately the end of my trip was cold and snowy, so I didn't get to do as much as I would have liked, but I really enjoyed seeing Vermont for the first time.

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